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The BlackBox Direct Sales & Affiliate Income Opportunity 

A unique and lucrative compensation plan that's as amazing as the products themselves.


A quick note from our founder...

"In 2009 I designed BlackBox Universal/Cosmetics to be the most incredible direct sales company ever developed. We create the most effective products in existence while being non-toxic and paraben-free, we have the highest customer service satisfaction, and we have the easiest to understand and highest paying compensation and Affiliate Marketing plan in the industry. Please compare our outstanding products and compensation structure to any other direct sales, affiliate marketing, or network marketing company. In almost every case you will find their products loaded with water and toxins, while being very low in effective ingredients, their compensation structure will most likely be confusing and mired with red tape to make it difficult to get paid, their commission payout will be nominal, and you will find their business to be recruitment-driven rather than product-driven. Their aggressive recruitment efforts alienate friends, family, and potential customers... turning them off from direct sales opportunities altogether. That's a shame, because network marketing done the right way can offer anyone with a little ambition financial independence by promoting products that are the most advanced in their industries and a healthier option. That's what we are about. We create amazing products people love and our Independent Sales Affiliates benefit from the highest paying commission, bonus, and residual income structure ever developed.


Please take a moment to check out our Compensation Plan below or if you are a social media influencer, check out our Affiliate Marketing Section. If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us or give us a call. We are here to help you with no pressure and no expectations... just warm and friendly customer service."



Kevin B. Evans

BlackBox Cosmetics LLC/BlackBox Universal Inc.

Best Business Opportunity
"Please pass along to Kevin how I REALLY appreciate how he does business....
I have been involved in MLM's in the past and getting through all the hoops was ridiculous
and led to me quitting. Again, please get this too him." Thanks, B. Smith


What's So Different About the BlackBox Compensation Plan?


The BlackBox compensation plan is revolutionary to the industry. We removed every obstacle that most direct selling companies require for you to achieve financial independence or easily supplement your income.


To earn a Commission there are:

- No Sales quotas.

- No Monthly or annual product purchasing requirements.

- No Stocking of product.

- No Home party only restrictions.

- No Online sales restrictions.

- No Blog or website restrictions.

- No Monthly financial commitment.

- No Forced payment system.

- No Annual renewals or website/shopping cart fees.

- No Mandatory meetings or sales events.

- No Recruitment requirements to get paid commission on sales or organization residuals.


We DO have:

- Your own Free Shopping Cart already filled with amazing BlackBox products directly tied to your sales account.

- Easy online access to your account with sales & commission data.

- The Highest Commission/Bonus Payout in the industry.

- The most lucrative sales organization and Residual payout structure in the industry.

- The Least amount of red tape to earn and get paid commissions.

- Wholesale prices for home parties, trade shows, or whatever... even your own personal purchases.

We created a product driven, simple, yet new & innovative compensation structure with incredible sales and residual income opportunity. Read our Compensation Plan below and see why we believe this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Best Business Opportunity
The Compensation Plan (The highest paying and easiest to understand)

The typical sales & distribution system for most products requires them to sit on retail shelves for many months to years. The products lose their nutritional value and are required to be preserved with parabens and formaldehyde releasers. That wasn't an acceptable scenario to our founder, a health & nutrition professional. Nutrient-packed and free of toxic chemicals are vital features of the BlackBox product line. Getting our products from production to the end user quickly, ensures the greatest benefit to our customers. A direct sales distribution model was the clear choice for our products.

Affiliate Marketing/Referral & Social Media Influencers

Just like with our products and regular compensation structure, at BlackBox Cosmetics we wanted to do something amazing and revolutionary in the industry. In fact, our affiliate compensation program is the most lucrative & easiest program in existence, with additional income opportunities not found in other affiliate marketing programs. It's so remarkable that influencers just getting started can start to make a significant income even before they amass a huge following. When you combine our incredible & luxurious skin & hair-care, makeup, personal hygiene, and health products with the highest paying & repeat-customer structure, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Best Business Opportunity
Become A BlackBox Cosmetics Independent Sales Associate (ISA)

Welcome to the BlackBox Cosmetics' enrollment center for Independent Sales Associates (ISAs). We are still in the early stages of enrolling our first ISAs. This exceptional group of people will form our foundation and soon be a major force in the cosmetics industry. Thank you for your consideration to become a part of this dynamic sales organization where your talents & efforts are greatly appreciated and compensated. Truly, you have an incredible opportunity that awaits you. If you would like to join us... please click the link below and enter your sponsoring ISA's shopping cart. If you do not have a sponsor, please use the contact button on our top menu or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.

Best Business Opportunity
Policies & Procedures

1. BlackBox Cosmetics, LLC, hereinafter "Company," is a direct selling Company marketing consumer end cosmetic products and services to the consumer through Independent Sales Associates(ISAs), hereinafter "ISA, ISAs, or ISA's". The policies and procedures herein are applicable to all ISAs of the Company.

2. An ISA is one who has completed a Company application and agreement and has been accepted by the Company as an ISA. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject anyone as an ISA.

3. All ISAs must be the age of majority in the state in which they sell/distribute Company products and services.

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