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HEART POTION is the most advanced heart and cardiovascular health product ever developed and customers are experiencing dramatic results in a short time span. It does this by utilizing our cardiovascular-improving proprietary formula of nutrients, special molecules, and extraction techniques to increase absorption and potency. Heart Potion contains Sulforaphane from broccoli sprouts... the highly studied compound at Johns Hopkins Medical Center shown to lower blood pressure, inflammation, bad cholesterol, and improve circulation and heart function. Not only show to protect the cardiovascular system, it was shown to regulate blood sugar, normalize hormones, and induce browning of white fat cells for cellular fuel. The same study reported it to be a promising strategy to combat obesity and obesity-related metabolic disorder. 


Heart Potion is created in a base of non-fishy tasting purified fish oil harvested from small anchovies in the most pristine Icelandic waters and organic flax seed oil. Users will get their Omega 3s (EPA & DHA), CO Q-10 (Ubiquinol), Nitric Oxide-boosting, Anti-inflammatory, heart-healing botanicals, and vitamins/nutrients simply by taking ½ tablespoon per day. It comes in two flavors... Fire Ball and Lemon Freeze and tastes incredible! Both products come in a pharmaceutical grade glass bottle with a built-in pour spout.


SKU: 007-001
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