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This is just a handful of the tremendous number of Testimonials we receive about our products, company, and customer service. Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to brighten our day.



BlackBox Cosmetics' Staff


Who Needs Plastic Surgery?


"BlackBox Cosmetics is the best. Who needs plastic surgery.......I am 51 years old and have the regular wrinkles someone this age has. You know the ones around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. I started using the products about 3 weeks ago. I noticed the wrinkles have lessened and I really notice it around my eyes. In regard to the extra skin that develops above your eyes... after using these products, the skin has tightened up and doesn't sag anymore. Glad I found BBC before I spent thousands of dollars to look young again."

Thanks BlackBox Cosmetics, T. Kretlow

Loving GeniSkin!


"My daughter's Acne has cleared up because of GeniSkin and I have two friends that are having great results with it too!!  It's the only thing we could find that WORKS!!  And it's all natural and such high quality ingredients without breaking the bank! I absolutely LOVE the new line that you are going to release!  I am a lifelong customer and my skin and hair love BlackBox Cosmetic Products!  Thank you for extending your already amazing line of products!  I can't wait to try them out!"

Sincerely, Jennifer H.

Argan-Fig Amazing!


“I used the Argan-Fig shampoo this morning. I was amazed at how little I needed to use. My hair is medium length and fine but very thick. With other shampoos I have needed to use much more to get a good head of lather, but the VuDu gave great results with less than half of what I would normally use. The conditioner is wonderful too. The results: my hair smelled amazing as I was blow drying it; no static electricity that I often get even though I always condition; my hair is soft, silky and noticeably shinier. I've always had good hair, but now I have amazing hair. Love this product. Can't wait to try the other 'scents'." Catherine, New Mexico

Oh Canada!


“I've started using your Splash deodorant and it is wonderful! I love it!!!! The pump system is very convenient too. There have been quite a few people in my family history with breast cancer and I'm so happy to use a non toxic product that works so well and smells delicious. Thank you for creating products like this."  C.R. Alberta, Canada

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