The most advanced cosmeceuticals & nutraceuticals in the world.

We believe the products we put in our mouth and on our skin and hair should be toxin free, but we believe they should be the most advanced, effective, and luxurious products on the market as well. Every day as the highest paying (no red tape to get paid) affiliate & direct sales company in the world, we are creating an amazing financial opportunity for those with the same vision. That's what we are all about!

In 2009 blackbox became a reality as our first 5 revolutionary anti-aging skin-care products were introduced to the public under the BlackBox Cosmetics brand. Since that time, we have developed and added over 200 amazing and non-toxic skin-care, nutrition, makeup, hair-care, and personal hygiene products... and the list keeps growing. Kevin B. Evans, (a long-time, multiple award winning health and nutrition executive for the largest health and nutrition company in the world) had a vision early in his career of developing the world's most advanced natural & non-toxic nutritional supplements, skin, and hair-care products. As a health-conscious consumer himself, he was concerned about the lack of non-toxic products available to address the needs of aging baby-boomers and those with auto-immune disease or compromised health conditions. What he did find was one industry after another wrought with products that offered low to no nutritional value, listed water as their #1 ingredient (approximately 75%), contained toxic chemicals, allergens, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, and carcinogens. To top it off, almost all products researched were improperly and cheaply packaged in wide open-mouth jars or bottles, which reduced the low level of nutrients even further. It became apparent to our founder that cutting corners for the sake of profits was the industry standard. He knew there was a better way. To this day through BlackBox Cosmetics/Universal he continues to develop the most remarkable products the cosmetics and nutrition industries have ever seen.

Age-defying and under-eye serums

Kevin B. Evans,

Founder BlackBox Universal

Realizing that consumers were being underserved in all consumer goods industries in general, Mr. Evans knew he could use his expertise and past experience in the nutrition & health industry to develop product lines that far exceeded existing ones. As an industry outsider, he believed he was just the person to bring new vision and creativity to product development, distribution, and customer service in the cosmetics, hair-care, & personal hygiene industries.


With friends and family requesting to be included in his vision, it wasn't long before Mr. Evans realized a grass roots affiliate marketing & direct sales force would accomplish two important functions of the business: 1) It was the most efficient way to get high-nutrient products to the consumer quickly and as potent as possible and 2) He could create an online system that connected a shopping cart system to each of his Independent Sales Affiliates. This would give the consumer the freshest nutrient benefit possible, while allowing anyone with a little bit of motivation to earn an income or become financially independent.  With that in mind, he designed the most lucrative payout marketing system the affiliate and direct sales industry has ever seen. In addition to the highest commission and bonus payouts, he removed all of the red tape and sales requirements other direct sales companies use to make it difficult to market their products and/or get paid. It's an income opportunity that's as revolutionary as the products themselves.


At BlackBox Cosmetics/Universal we believe our products are the most advanced of their kind. They are much higher in active compounds/nutrients, free of toxins, better for the environment, air/light protected, and are often considerably less expensive than most products that were created on a base of water, have few nutrients/active compounds, and contain parabens, GMO's, formaldehyde releasers, allergens, and/or sulfates. Our products were created to appeal to both women and men. Our skin, hair-care, and personal use items are lightly scented with non-floral essential and fragrant oils that smell fabulous. Our packaging is the most innovative and exciting non gender-biased in their respective industries. Last but not least, our customer service is unparalleled and just as important as our amazing products and income opportunity.