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What is it?
Our Founder was a health and nutrition executive and expert for over a decade before creating BlackBox Cosmetics and our amazing age-defying serums and creams. Who better to combine Cosmeceutical and Nutraceutical science? For many years at BBC we’ve been researching & testing thermogenic ingredients in a quest to develop a topical thermogenic fat/cellulite-reducing & toning product. Recently, an amazing new ingredient has been discovered and is the basis of our studied and proven product. This scientific breakthrough combined with our proprietary
thermogenic blend and skin penetration enhancers has allowed our researchers to revolutionize the weight-loss, exercise, body-building, and skin-care industries with our ground-breaking product...
Body Potion. Just like all of our incredible products, Body Potion is non-toxic, full of nutrients, refrigerated & shipped fresh, has no water or fillers, and the most advanced & effective product of its kind. Actually there are no other products like Body Potion in existence.

How does it work?
Similar to heat and exercise, application of Body Potion speeds up activity & energy use within fat cells. Fat cells shrink in size, which in turn shows up as loss of inches, improved tone & definition, & reduction in cellulite. When used in combination with exercise, results are even more dramatic and add definition almost impossible to achieve without extreme dieting. This is particularly useful for body-builders wanting to increase their caloric intake for size gains without wrecking their physique. Already nicknamed “Liposuction in a bottle”, Body Potion is an inexpensive alternative to very costly cosmetic procedures requiring multiple visits to a cosmetic surgeon. The creamy lotion is applied in the privacy of your own home using our skin applicator/massager and can be applied to any area of your body where unwanted fat tissue or cellulite exists.

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