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Advanced Nutrition for your Hair & Lashes!

At blackbox, we are known for developing advanced high-nutrient consumer products on a base of aloe juice and botanical extracts (not water)... while being free of parabens, formaldehyde releasers, and other harmful toxins that are commonplace in the industry. Not long after we created the most advanced Cosmeceuticals and problem-skin products in the world, we quickly went to work developing products for the next industry we believed desperately needed a new & creative approach. Using the same company philosophy to "introduce the most effective products in the marketplace with the least amount of toxins possible", VuDu was born. Our first amazing VuDu products were created to put an end to lifeless, damaged hair from using products with unnecessary toxins harsh chemicals, and devoid of nutrients. Our products are uniquely designed with the most potent levels of effective nutrients, compounds, & botanicals that offer incomparable results.


Now under our VuDu brand, we offer VuDu Lashes. These are incredible peptide infused products that use the most advanced science to give our customers thicker/fuller/longer lashes quickly and with long-term results.

Our packaging is unique, attractive, smart, & earth friendly. We always use airless packaging

when possible and remove harmful chemicals and preservatives... replacing them with safer/

effective alternatives. Our goal is to produce the most advanced personal care products in the

world, while using the healthiest and safest ingredients possible. We used these same

fundamental principles and our expertise to develop what we believe are unparalleled hair, lash, and lip-care products. Considering over 75% of most of these products are made up of the least expensive ingredients possible, e.g., water, mineral oil, glycerin, and emulsifiers... you start to realize how few nutrients actually go into their products. Their preservation systems are most often made up of Parabens and two dreadful allergens... Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. The Environmental Working Group says they may be toxic to your skin and immune system, linked to organ system toxicity, and may be carcinogenic. For this reason, their use is either restricted or prohibited in many countries. Unfortunately, most company's distribution system, air-filled packaging, and long-term shelf exposure make it necessary to use these types of chemicals. However the BlackBox Cosmetics' process of production, airless packaging, nutrient & product climate control, and direct sales distribution allows us to use safer preservatives and pack the products with super effective nutrients.


Now take a look at VuDu products:


Female face comparison after eyelash ext

Containing large quantities of the highest quality hair-care ingredients, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, Cupuacu Butter, Moroccan Argan, Almond, Abysinnian, and Meadowfoam seed oil... VuDu Shampoo is the most luxurious shampooing experience ever developed... and it's Sulfate and Paraben Free! VuDu Hair is created on a base foundation of hair & scalp-healthy aloe juice and our proprietary blend of botanical extracts... not water. Hair color is protected and shine is vitalized with our rare ingredients. Moroccan Argan oil & Cupuacu Butter gives your hair a noticeable healthy and manageable feel. Beautiful hair starts at a much deeper cellular level and we use the most powerful and luxurious nutrients available. Our proprietary manufacturing and development process utilizes the conditioning benefits of our oils without weighing your hair down. This process allows the hair to retain only what it needs and nothing more. VuDu Shampoos lather into a nutritious, dense, and concentrated, creamy foam that has to be experienced to believe.

 Shampoos - Sulfate, Paraben, & Toxin Free 

Available in 9.25 and 16 ounce sizes.

Available in 9.25 and 16 ounce sizes.


VuDu Hair Conditioners are designed to make your hair soft, silky, and manageable with excellent comb-through ability. Our conditioners will not weigh your hair down, but instead bring it to life. This is accomplished using the finest hair-care nutrients, luxurious oils, and our proprietary blend of botanical extracts and select proteins. When combined with our manufacturing process, a truly wonderful conditioner is created. Not only will your hair be manageable, but it should feel, look, and grow thicker due to high nutrient content that feeds the scalp where hair growth begins. In addition... VuDu was created with botanicals that assist in blocking hair-growth disruptors. All VuDu conditioners are created on a base foundation of hair & scalp-healthy aloe juice and our proprietary blend of botanical extracts... not water. Your hair will be repaired, revitalized, and incredibly soft. Hair color is protected with special ingredients and your hair will shine like it never has before.

 Conditioners - Luxurious, Non-toxic Manageability

VuDu Hair Conditioning Cleanser is like no other product available in the marketplace. It is designed to clean your hair in a way that uses low-to-no foam and utilizes our proprietary blend of luxurious hair-healthy oils, proteins, nutrients, & the finest botanical cleansers. Your hair will be soft, silky, and manageable. Your hair will have excellent comb-through ability without being weighed down. VuDu Hair products are created on a base foundation of hair nutrifying aloe and botanical extracts... not water. Other products in its category consist mostly of water, glycerin, and emulsifiers. Their preservation systems are made up of two known allergens... Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone that are restricted or banned in some countries. When researching other products in this category, we couldn't find one that we could actually compare to our Conditioning Cleanser. It is in a class all by itself.

 Conditioning Cleanser - One easy step to washed & conditioned

Available in 9.25 and 16 ounce sizes.

Available in 9.25 and 16 ounce sizes.



VuDu Hair Pro-5 Reconstructor is an intensive hair-repair masque that utilizes high quantities of five incredible proteins, including Keratin and Silk aminos acids. Where other proteins fall short and rest on the outer hair strand, these proteins reach deep into the cortex and infuse it with new life, strength, & vitality. We use only the finest hair-care nutrients and ingredients available to make this the very best product of its kind. Pro-5 includes Moroccan Argan oil to add strength, brilliant shine, and wonderful texture, while hair-healthy botanicals and nutrients feed your hair and scalp.



 Reconstructor/Masque - Deep Conditioning for damaged Hair

Lash Growth - Thicker, fuller lashes with peptides 

 An Amazing Eye-Lash & Brow Growth
Serum Using Advanced Peptides & Nutrients!

Using the most advanced lash and brow growth technology, VuDu Lashes was created as a unique lash serum that utilizes a variety of effective peptides and nutrients designed to give you thicker/longer lashes in a matter of weeks. In addition, some of the vital nutrients involved will not only help to stimulate rapid growth, but were incorporated in the formula to help thicken your lashes and brows almost immediately.


*VuDu Lashes has two times the amount of product as the next leading brand, making it the best value in lash growth products.

After Only 3 Weeks!

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