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Affiliate Compensation for Social Media Influencers & Home-based Businesses 

​As is the case with our incredible products, at blackbox we wanted to do something amazing and revolutionary in the industry. In fact, our affiliate compensation is possibly the most lucrative & easiest program in existence, with additional income opportunities not found in other affiliate marketing programs. Influencers just getting started have the potential to start making an income even before they amass a huge following. When you combine our incredible & luxurious skin & hair-care, makeup, personal hygiene, and health products with a high commission & repeat-customer acknowledgment system, we believe blackbox could be the very Affiliate program you've been looking for.

1) Massive Commission & Bonus

We pay you 30% commissions on every single purchase made due to your influence and effort. Compare that to other online retailers like Amazon that pay 4-8%... or the immeasurable amount of time, money, and effort it takes to create, develop, & manufacture your own products, packaging, website, merchant accounts, and so on. Regular commission isn't the only way you get paid by blackbox. Once your affiliate referral sales reach $500 or more, you receive an additional 10% Bonus. That's a whopping 40% commission for every sale from customers you refer to blackbox.


2) Repeat customers

At blackbox, we believe "once a customer, always a customer". In other words... when you refer a customer to us, we regard that customer as your's for life. Every customer you refer to us is forever linked to your affiliate account and is your repeat customer. Again, compare that to other online retailers that pay you one time and then the customer you referred is now forever their customer. Our products are so wonderful that we have a huge & very high percentage of repeat customers. Just think of how much commission you are missing on repeat customers with other affiliate programs. 

3) Wholesale Account

Affiliates are automatically enrolled for a Wholesale Account. We provide you with your own personal shopping cart where you have access to our fine products at Wholesale. This is great for retail locations like spas, hair salons, fitness centers, and health food stores. Purchase at Wholesale and retail wherever you like... that includes trade shows, your own website, ebay, home parties, or anywhere else under the sun. There is NO minimum or any type of purchase requirements.

5) Large High-Quality Product Offering in the Cosmetics, Health, Fitness, & Hair-care Industries

blackbox is a leader in innovative product development. We have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and what customers want. In turn, we are adding new products and even new product lines to our categories every month. When your following or established customers show up to the blackbox shopping cart, they will find a very large selection of products to choose from that you may not have even mentioned or recommended. Many of these products are ones shoppers purchase monthly or or more.

6) Paraben, Sulfate, and Toxin-free products

This is a growing trend in the personal care & health product industries and we have been leading the way since 2009. This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of, while feeling good about promoting products that are not harmful or linked to health problems. Our products are the highest quality available and affordable, yet non-toxic. That's a great combination and one that's hard to find at other product companies.

7) Affiliate & Wholesale Account Access

You will have your own Secure and password protected log-in to check your sales, commissions, & bonuses that are posted up to the minute.

If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate Program, please contact us by email or phone. This information is found in the footer below . We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.

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