blackbox Affiliate Compensation & Wholesale Opportunity  

A compensation plan that's as amazing as the products themselves.


A quick note from our founder...

"In 2009 I designed blackbox universal/cosmetics to offer the most effective and advanced products in existence while being non-toxic and paraben-free. In addition, I created the highest paying affiliate referral compensation in the industry. Customer service & satisfaction is our highest priority and you or your customers can reach us by phone or e-mail. On this page, you will find blackbox offers the highest paying Affiliate Program in the industry for Social Network Influencers and those wanting to start their own home-based business. Affiliates receive their own free shopping cart and can even purchase at Wholesale and then Retail at their own place of business, website, independent online locations like ebay, or through other means such as home parties, trade shows, and farmers markets. 


Please take a moment to check out our Affiliate/Influencer Compensation below. If you have any questions at all, please e-mail us at: or give us a call at: (941) 870-2244. We are here to help you with no pressure and no expectations... just warm and friendly customer service."



Kevin B. Evans

blackbox cosmetics LLC/blackbox universal Inc.

What's So Different About blackbox Affiliate/Influencer Compensation & Wholesale Accounts?


blackbox Affiliate/Influencer Compensation is the highest in the industry. 


We offer the highest compensation for your influence and referrals that bring your followers to our products. Whether you're an influencer with thousands of followers or a home-based business promoting online or in your neighborhood, we have the highest commission payout.


Referring to the blackbox shopping cart pays a whopping 30-40% commission when someone places an order using your Affiliate code. Compare that to Amazon paying 4-8%.

Orders are placed using our transaction and credit card processor, we process and fill the orders, and ship directly to your customers. You never have to handle, process, or ship product unless you want to buy at Wholesale and retail from your own website, retail location, or home party. We never charge you for your shopping cart, web hosting, or deduct credit card processing fees. There are no renewal fees of any kind.

Customers you refer are YOUR customers, not only at the initial purchase, but even when they forget to use your affiliate code when they reorder. Think of all the reorders you lose with other referral programs.


Affiliates can also buy at Wholesale and then Retail at their own place of business, trade shows, farmer's markets, or any other place under the sun. It's also a great option for Spas, Health Clubs, Hair Salons, and Cosmetics businesses. There are no minimum Wholesale purchase requirements.

You get easy online access to your account with sales & commission data.


Affiliate Marketing/Referral & Social Media Influencers

As is the case with our incredible products, at blackbox we wanted to do something amazing and revolutionary in the industry. In fact, our affiliate compensation is the most lucrative & easiest program in existence, with additional income opportunities not found in other affiliate marketing programs. It's so remarkable that influencers just getting started can start to make an income even before they amass a huge following. When you combine our incredible & luxurious skin & hair-care, makeup, personal hygiene, and health/fitness products with the highest paying & repeat-customer structure, there is no limit to the possibilities.