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Ultra Pumped



Perfect for massive muscle pumps, vascularity, energy, endurance, mental clarity, development, and muscle/tissue repair. 


Ultra Pumped... A premier Pre & Post workout formula ALL in one! Give it the "real-world" test in your gym for the most intense Muscle Pumps and Vascularity during your workout and ending with muscle-building & repairing ingredients to make each workout count. Ultra Pumped is loaded with the NUTRUX proprietary combo of the most advanced ingredients needed for Pre & Post-workouts.


Most workouts last longer than 30 minutes and we believe recovery & repair ingredients should be there at the beginning of your workout for quicker recovery and muscle building efficiency. 

It’s not just a super advanced Pre & Post Workout Drink either. It's a great Energy drink as well with Vitamins, Minerals, Branch Chain Amino Acids, Nitric Oxide boosters, 2 forms of Creatine, Beta Alanine, & Super Food Green Coffee Bean Caffeine!

-5gms Creatine Monohydrate
-1gm Creatine Hydrochloride
-3gms Nitric Oxide Boosters L-Citrulline/DLMalate 2:1/L-Arginine -2gms Beta Alanine
-5gms BCAA Matrix 2-1-1
-1gm L-Glutamine
-Magnesium Taurate
-Vitamin C
-130mg Caffeine (from  the super food Green Coffee Bean)

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