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Essential Bath &  Body

At BlackBox Universal/Cosmetics, we created luxurious personal hygiene products without the nasty toxic ingredients. They smell incredible, are nourishing, and leave your skin feeling wonderfully soft. They are hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, and animal cruelty free. There are no detergents, sulfates, alcohol, aluminum, parabens, and/or other harmful preservatives.

Creamy Coconut Cleanser & Moisturizer


This is a great combination of products that meet the needs of many that only wish to use a great skin cleanser and moisturizer before retiring for bed. Both of these products were made to the very highest standard set at BlackBox Cosmetics and every possible ingredient is organic. Both products smell incredible and come in large 4 oz blue glass bottles with a black and white pump.


Creamy Coconut Moisturizer - This isn't just any plain old moisturizer. We utilize the richest forms of vitamins, botanicals, and luxurious oils including: Coconut, jojoba, avocado, grape seed, & neem. In addition, our moisturizer contains a high percentage of the greatest skin plumpers hyaluronic acid, olive squalane, and ceramides to plump and hydrate the skin overnight.


Creamy Coconut Cleanser - This is a rich and creamy cleanser that cleans and removes dirt, bacteria, and makeup using very little to no foam. It can be rinsed off with water or by wiping off with a rag or tissues. Either way leaves your face feeling incredibly soft.

Non-Toxic, highly effective and nutritive deodorant

JamaicaMeCrazy, Citrus, Black Vanilla, 
Coconut, & Scent Free

Splash Antiperspirant/Deodorant is a remarkable new innovation in personal care and deodorant protection that's a super effective, natural, and nutrient dense luxurious cream!


Protection for days, not hours.


Most antiperspirant/deodorants try to eliminate odor by blocking sweat glands with harmful aluminum and other toxins. Unfortunately, aluminum, parabens, and other toxic chemicals are possibly linked to cancer and Alzheimer. You may notice that when you stop using those products, you sweat profusely. This is your body's response to overcompensate for repeated sweat gland blockage. After a few days, your body will return to normal and only emit what is typically very light perspiration.


At a microscopic level, under-arm odor is a byproduct of bacteria eating the sweat & toxins your body naturally produces. Remember, sweat is your body's crucial process of eliminating toxins. We believe blocking this natural process is harmful and unnecessary. So we took a different approach to eliminating under-arm odor and wetness and it's simply much more effective and better for you. Our customers report being odor free for days after only one use. Due to the incredible bacteria destroying ability of our GeniSkin facial serum, we used many of those same botanicals, essential oils, and some special natural ingredients to develop an amazing silky cream. It's as easy to apply as a lotion.


Our Splash Deodorant destroys bacteria and helps control perspiration without blocking sweat glands. In addition, razor bumps are the result of bacteria penetrating the skin barrier that has been damaged from shaving too close. Our product destroys that same bacteria that causes razor bumps. Since our product is contained in airless packaging, we were able to add a rich supply of nutrients like: Beta carotene (Vit. A), Vit. E, B Complex Vitamins, and anti-oxidant rich botanicals. We took an otherwise unhealthy personal care product and made it a good source of valuable nutrients. There is no white residue and our JamaicaMeCrazy and Black Vanilla scents are fantastic. For those that prefer "no scent" in their products, we have our "scent free" version as well. Splash products are loved by women and men!


The Perfect Round Nourishing Bath Bars

Our Incredible Clarifying, Frost, Probiotic, Healing/Antiseptic, and Antioxidant Bath Bars are truly the most amazing bath bars you will ever use. They are created to fight candida (fungus), bacteria, & viruses, clean & heal, and protect with the most powerful antioxidants in existence. The unique combination of wonderful essential oils makes them perfect for an aromatherapy experience.

Clarifying Bath Bar

We have raised the bar (pun intended) with our Clarifying Essential Oil Soap Bar. We put the max amount of Activated Charcoal, Tamanu Oil, and Tea-Tree Oil into this outstanding soap bar for their amazing abilities to kill skin bacteria, fight acne, lighten scars, nourish, and clarify your skin.


Activated Charcoal picks up and scrubs away toxins and bacteria. This not only helps with acne, but works as an antioxidant to remove free radicals that age our skin. It has long been known as a great skin healer.


Tamanu is a tropical tree in the South Pacific that grows fruit similar to apples. The seeds inside the fruit produce an oil that is dark green in color and high in oleic and linoleic acid. The oil is known to have anti-oxidant, antineuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. It also contains a number of specific lipids not typically found in other oils, including calophyllolide (stops inflammation), lactone (an antibiotic), and calophyllic acid (an uncommon type of fatty acid that particularly aids in healing acne).


Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial, which helps knock out bacteria that may cause acne.

Probiotic Bath Bar

Splash Probiotic Bath Bar is an incredible combination of the most powerful natural ingredients proven to fight fungus, bacteria, and viruses typically on the skin or mucous membranes. It is loaded with a variety of luxurious essential oils to protect, nourish, moisturize, and heal your skin. You will love the amazing added benefit of lifted spirits experienced through aromatherapy.

Anti-oxidant Bath Bar

Clove and Cinnamon Essential Oil are used in this fantastic bath bar… giving it 3 times the antioxidant power of Acai Berries. When combined with the high Vitamin C content of Essential Orange Oil and the strong anti-inflammatory properties of Essential Frankincense Oil, this is one super-charged bath bar! It can assist in healing persistent sores and treat stubborn wounds, rheumatoid arthritis, and low back pain.

Luxurious Body Wash

Essential Oil Body Washes

Luxurious Hair & Body Washes with Therapeutic Essential Oils


Our Essential Oil Body Washes are developed on a base foundation of skin-healing aloe vera, amazing therapeutic Essential Oils, carrier oils, antioxidant rich botanical extracts, and powerful Vitamins (including Vitamin C). Splash Body Washes are thick, pearlescent, and rich formulas that will truly clean, moisturize, and feed your skin like no other body wash you have ever used.

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