The BlackBox Compensation Plan

Quite Simply the Best in the Industry!


The typical sales & distribution system for most products requires them to sit on retail shelves for many months to years. The products lose their nutritional value and are required to be preserved with parabens and formaldehyde releasers. That wasn't an acceptable scenario to our founder, a health & nutrition professional. Nutrient-packed and free of toxic chemicals are vital features of the BlackBox product line. Getting our products from production to the end user quickly, ensures the greatest benefit to our customers. A direct sales distribution model was the clear choice for our products.


Our early users experienced dramatic results and wanted to participate in the company's future. The founder realized he had to develop a unique & dynamic marketing plan that equaled his extraordinary products. The plan would allow quick delivery and utilize a grass roots style sales force comprised of product believers. They were already starting to get some attention by word-of-mouth, so it was obvious the chosen direct sales business model was a perfect fit. It allowed the products to get to end users within days of production and allowed satisfied users from across the globe to participate in the company's bright future. Combined with the highest paying commission/bonus and organization residual structure in the industry, amazing things can happen.


A Simple, Yet Lucrative Compensation Plan


The founder of BlackBox had a vision of creating a product driven company with a compensation and reward system unrivaled in the industry. He knew he could accomplish this task by keeping overhead costs incredibly low using an online sales and distribution system, cutting out the middle man, and using economies of scale.


Our initial research found that most direct sales company's compensation plans are recruitment, not product driven. Their compensation plans are very complicated, difficult to explain, and loaded with negative requirements, (e.g., high enrollment fees, unfair commission structures, minimum sales and purchase requirements/quotas, forced and often expensive automatic monthly payment deductions, annual renewals, required product stocking, and/or unreasonable requirements to get paid on customers in their sales organization). Our founder vowed to make the plan simple enough to explain on a paper napkin and remove all of the negative road blocks associated with most direct sales companies.


BlackBox Sales Affiliate's/Consultant's one-time enrollment fee is one of the lowest in the industry... and there to implement, manage, and maintain their replicated website and shopping cart indefinitely with no additional fees or renewals. The commission/bonus structure is simple. There are no crazy requirements, quotas, or minimums to get paid. And there is no need to stock product. In fact, customers will place their orders directly at your shopping cart provided by BlackBox on our system. Within 24 hours, orders placed at your shopping cart are filled and shipped directly to the customer. Nothing could be faster or easier for the customer or for you. The customer receives fast delivery and our products are fresh & powerful. Independent Sales Affiliates are selling product all over the world and making an income 365 days a year, even while they are sleeping and during holidays.


All transactions, commissions, and bonuses are tied to the shopping cart. Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants (ISAs) can log into their shopping cart to place personal wholesale orders, place retail customer orders, and/or to enroll new sales affiliates. In addition, the shopping cart is connected to the ISA's Back Office/Business Account where they can view sales, commissions, and residual income in real time. It's a very convenient and easy system to use, for both customers and Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants.



Shopping Cart Commissions


Our Commission structure is very simple. Our Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants (ISAs) are paid 30-40% commission on everything purchased from their shopping cart. As if 30% (the highest in the industry) isn't enough, we wanted to make it quick and easy to get paid 40% commission on every sale you make for the rest of your life. So when you refer/sponsor 3 new sales affiliates into your sales organization, you get paid 40% commission on your entire shopping cart orders. You get paid 40% commission every single month and 40% off your own personal purchases without ever having to refer/sponsor another person or hit any type of bonus or quota. You can make even more if you wish to buy in bulk and sell to customers in person. This is often the case when selling at home parties, trade shows, and/or auction sites, for example. Buying in bulk and selling at our Manufacturer Suggested Online Retail Price (MSORP) can garner 75-100% returns. Retailers may charge an even higher price to cover overhead expenses.


Just remember... Refer 3, means 40% commissions on your sales and a 40% discount on our own personal purchases of BlackBox outstanding products. That's it! Refer or Sponsor even more and watch your residual income blast off even quicker (read about that below). Those you refer/sponsor can do the exact same thing... make a substantial income and get their products at 30-40% off too. Our system was designed to be a win/win for everyone involved.

Sales Organization Residual Income (Exponential Growth)


As an Independent Sales Affiliate/Consultant (ISA) you have the ability to expand your business and manage/develop a sales team. It's your choice. The BlackBox compensation structure is designed to offer our Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants the opportunity to become financially independent, supplement their income, and/or anything in between. Understandably, ISAs that build a sales organization will benefit from passive residual income. If you take a moment to contemplate the power involved in developing an organization... consider the phenomenal growth of Facebook or Twitter. Both are Social Networks harnessing the power of networking! Yes, that's all it is. It all started with one person sharing the story with someone else.


There are no requirements or quotas to develop a sales organization. The size of your sales team is your choice as well. The more people you have working for you, the more income you will receive... and your organization has the potential to be enormous! Our founder designed a system that allows ISAs the ability to enroll as many new sales affiliates as they wish to the front line of their sales organization. This is an important feature, because many direct sales company's organization structures limit their sales associates to enroll only a few new associates to their Front Line. Your front line sales affiliates are the ones you will receive the highest residual income from. So unlimited first level sponsoring is an incredible opportunity. You can sponsor as many as you feel you can help get started... and most will learn all they need to know pretty quickly due to our uncomplicated structure.


Residual Income Structure


As a sponsoring Independent Sales Affiliate/Consultant, you can benefit enormously from exponential growth. If you are unfamiliar with exponential growth, let it be said that it offers phenomenal opportunity. The ISAs you enroll will have the same opportunity to build their own sales organization and you will receive referring/sponsoring commissions for everything sold out of their shopping carts down to the 5th level of your sales organization.

Some Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants are going to actively refer/sponsor as many new sales affiliates or new customers as possible. They should at least try to sponsor 3 individuals or businesses to get 40% commissions and product discount for life. This can be accomplished by hosting home parties, using various forms of social media, advertising, participating in trade shows & farmer's markets, online promotions, and marketing through blogs, Youtube, and websites. Others may wish to passively refer/sponsor or offer our amazing products to their closest friends and family. Only you really know your earnings potential, but BlackBox has created what it believes to be the best commission structure possible for you to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself and/or your family.


Everyone you personally Refer/Sponsor will be on Level 1:

Level 1 = 8% (Referring/Sponsoring ISA receives 8% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the Front Line/1st Level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 2 = 6% (Referring/Sponsoring ISA receives 6% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 2nd level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 3 = 4% (Referring/Sponsoring ISA receives 4% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 3rd level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 4 = 2% (Referring/Sponsoring ISA receives 2% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 4th level of his/her sales organization.)

Level 5 = 1% (Referring/Sponsoring ISA receives 1% commission for every item sold out of the shopping carts on the 5th level of his/her sales organization.)



All the Benefits of Owning a Business... without all of the headaches


As an Independent Sales Affiliate/Consultant (ISA) with BlackBox there are tremendous benefits in comparison to owning and operating your own business. As an ISA, you never have to open and maintain a commercial retail outlet, develop & operate an online shopping cart, handle the product (except for your own desired personal usage or bulk purchasing), process customer transactions and/or open & manage a merchant account, make deliveries, process product returns or exchanges, and/or stock product/inventory. Of course you can purchase in bulk and make a higher commission, but that's up to you. As you enroll new Sales Affiliates to your team, you are not responsible for processing & paying commission checks, collecting income taxes, or any other administrative function in regard to employees. You are free to do what makes you successful... spread the word about the great BlackBox Products and build/train your sales organization to do the same.



Your Future Is Here


In everyone's life, there are only a handful of times when a great opportunity presents itself. We believe this is one of those times. We are a young company growing rapidly and we believe BlackBox Cosmetics will one day be the largest toxin-free cosmetics company in the world. We can't think of a better time than the present when BlackBox products would be so relevant. They are created for both women and men of any age. We have found the very mention of our product lines quickly draws attention. Scan across any room filled with people and you will soon realize that almost everyone can use multiple forms of highly effective, non-toxic anti-aging or acne skin-care, makeup, and/or hair-care products. We expect BlackBox products to be industry leaders in years to come. Many new products are in development and are sure to be big hits with our customers as well.


Our cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, makeup, hair-care, and personal hygiene products are by far the best products in the marketplace and contain the highest concentrations of the most effective nutrients, botanicals, peptides, and compounds in the industry. Competing products in major department stores with one/third of the amazing compounds found in our products are commonly priced 2-10 times higher... despite being filled with 75% water, allergens, and toxic preservatives.



New Products and Company Expansion


BlackBox is a young and incredibly innovative company with a line of products unlike any other. Initially our company went to market with only 5 amazing products. Now we offer over 150 and counting. In the near future, we will be adding dozens more exciting new products. Whether you are looking to supplement your income or start a full time career in the dynamic cosmetics industry, BlackBox truly offers its Independent Sales Affiliates/Consultants the opportunity of a lifetime. If you would like to join us and become part of a vibrant and fast-growing cosmetics company, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the individual that referred you to us. If you found us on your own, please take a moment to give us at call at: (941) 870-2244 or submit your contact information and we will direct you to an Independent Sales Affiliate/Consultant that would love to assist you.