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Clay Masks Should be an Essential Part of Your Skin Care Routine

The benefits of clay masks can not be stressed enough. Besides the spa like at home facial a great mask can provide, facial masks also provide an incredible service to your skin. BlackBox Cosmetics Sea Mask is in my opinion the best. It contains Pascalite Bentonite clay, found only in the mountains of Wyoming, and three forms of special sea algae harvested from pristine waters. These algae are known for their ability to remove and eliminate toxins and bacteria. Sea-Mask contains super fruits, vitamins, aloe, the finest calcium-bentonite clay, and other special compounds. This wonderful combination will not only tighten your skin, but also leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. The effects last for days, so it is a wonderful way to give yourself a mini facial with lift. Unlike many face masques that are difficult to remove, Sea-Mask was developed for easy removal. Your skin will absolutely love this product!

There are 5 main actions a clay mask can be expected to accomplish.

1. Clay is absorbent and draws out toxins and impurities from the top layers of the skin. When mixed with liquid, clay not only becomes negatively charged and acts like a magnet, but it expands like a sponge creating the environment to attract and soak up toxins which are positively charged. Once the toxins are bound up with the clay, they are washed away. 

2. Clay opens up clogged skin pores and helps remove blackheads. Skin sometimes gets clogged by sebum, the oil that is naturally produced by the skin to keep it moisturized or prevent it from being too dry. When excess sebum is produced, it can clog the pores, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria causes inflammation which results in pimples and blackheads. Those clogs can also harden and form blackheads.