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Clay Masks Should be an Essential Part of Your Skin Care Routine

The benefits of clay masks can not be stressed enough. Besides the spa like at home facial a great mask can provide, facial masks also provide an incredible service to your skin. BlackBox Cosmetics Sea Mask is in my opinion the best. It contains Pascalite Bentonite clay, found only in the mountains of Wyoming, and three forms of special sea algae harvested from pristine waters. These algae are known for their ability to remove and eliminate toxins and bacteria. Sea-Mask contains super fruits, vitamins, aloe, the finest calcium-bentonite clay, and other special compounds. This wonderful combination will not only tighten your skin, but also leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. The effects last for days, so it is a wonderful way to give yourself a mini facial with lift. Unlike many face masques that are difficult to remove, Sea-Mask was developed for easy removal. Your skin will absolutely love this product!

There are 5 main actions a clay mask can be expected to accomplish.

1. Clay is absorbent and draws out toxins and impurities from the top layers of the skin. When mixed with liquid, clay not only becomes negatively charged and acts like a magnet, but it expands like a sponge creating the environment to attract and soak up toxins which are positively charged. Once the toxins are bound up with the clay, they are washed away. 

2. Clay opens up clogged skin pores and helps remove blackheads. Skin sometimes gets clogged by sebum, the oil that is naturally produced by the skin to keep it moisturized or prevent it from being too dry. When excess sebum is produced, it can clog the pores, creating an environment for bacteria to thrive. The bacteria causes inflammation which results in pimples and blackheads. Those clogs can also harden and form blackheads. 

3.  Tones and tightens the skin.  Pascalite clay, used in Sea Mask, has astringent properties so it has the ability to shrink body tissues. This can help reduce the appearance of large pores caused by the accumulation of dirt and oil within the skin and inflammation within the skin caused by infection or free radical damage, which in turn can lead to acne and other skin conditions. We have reports from users that state this product will flatten a pimple within just a few spot treatments, which greatly contributes to reason 4.


4.  Reduces blemishes.  Regular clay masks will keep the pores clear of oil and dirt that can contribute to acne and skin blemishes. Pascalite clay is so drawing that it pulls the contents of the pore to the surface where it can be cleaned out and healed many times faster than waiting for a blemish to heal on its own. It pulls out the fluid in the pore and surrounding tissues to minimally flatten the blemish so that it can be covered. For this reason it also works well on bug bits, rashes, cuts abrasions and cold sores. In addition, clay masks used as a poultice can be highly effective at overcoming symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. "The effective action begins through the electromagnetic process of adsorbing the inflammation in the lesions, along with the deformed cells and dead scales.  Pain and itching stop almost instantly following the application of the clay.  The clay then assists the body in building new tissue." (1) 

5.  Exfoliates the skin.  I have already done an extensive post on the benefits of exfoliation so we know how this benefits the skin. But clay masks have an exfoliating action that is not as harsh as scrubs or chemical exfoliation.  Masking helps exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores so your toning, hydrating and protecting products work more effectively.

6. Circulation. Most clay masks will have some effects on boosting skin circulation but none have the drawing power of Pascalite clay. While this is kind of covered in the first section, how clay attracts toxins, we can expand this to include blood circulation and stimulation. When this clay dries it dries so tightly that it can actually hurt. When rinsed off the skin is quite red, and can remain so for 20-30 minutes. This is because it draws so much blood to the surface of the skin. Circulation is key to maintaining health in general, but for skin even more so.

7. Spot Treatment for a multitude of skin conditions. Pascalite clay is also beneficial for the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis "The effective action begins through the electromagnetic process of adsorbing the inflammation in the lesions, along with the deformed cells and dead scales.  Pain and itching stop almost instantly following the application of the clay.  The clay then assists the body in building new tissue." (2) It is also successful for the symptoms of big bits like mosquitoes, fire ants and bee stings. It can help and expedite the healing of scrapes, burns and infections but it is also superb for cold sores. It draws out and dries out the lesion and bring circulation for speedy healing with reduced scarring. When used as an acne spot treatment, it draws out the infection, brings the pore contents to the surface where it can be gently removed. Acne blemish life is exponentially shortened with minimal to no scarring. 

To use, spread a thin even layer over the affected area using a fan brush or clean fingers. It does not have to be thick but should completely cover the skin. Let dry approximately 15 minutes. You can spritz the mask with water to keep it drawing, as in a poultice, or you can wash it away at this time. Letting it completely dry on the face is not necessary and can cause extreme exfoliation. We recommend wiping it as it is almost dry and not yet flaking off. For acne blemishes use a small dollop of mask on the blemish and let dry. Rinse repeat until blemish is clear. Follow immediately with a dot of GeniSkin Serum for Acne Problem Skin or Infusion AM with Vitamin C to help replenish the acid mantle of the skin.



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