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"BlackBox Cosmetics is the best. Who needs plastic surgery.......I am 51 years old and have the regular wrinkles someone this age has. You know the ones around your eyes, forehead, and mouth. I started using the products about 3 weeks ago. I noticed the wrinkles have lessened and I really notice it around my eyes. In regard to the extra skin that develops above your eyes... after using these products, the skin has tightened up and doesn't sag anymore. Glad I found BBC before I spent thousands of dollars to look young again." Thanks BlackBox Cosmetics! T. Kretlow




"The product does everything it says and more, but the biggest difference is when my husband started using it. He had a rash around both his eyelids and on the bridge of his nose to which his dermatologist said it was “sun damage” and there was nothing they could do for it. After just a month of using the AM and PM Serums, the rash has completely disappeared. I made the mistake of waiting too long to reorder. I ran out for a few days and I could tell my skin really missed its nutrients. I will never, ever, ever let myself run out again." M. Dusak




"I first tried your product the micro-derm and vitamin c, not because I wanted to look younger (I'm 35), but because I have extrememly sensitive skin that is allergic to just about everything. I have an underlying medical condition and now try to eat well and really control my health through diet and staying away from toxins, metals and chemicals. Through my research I discovered that 30% of all of the toxins and chemicals that posion us, come through our skin. So it made sense when I started getting sick, that my face started breaking out and I should probably try "natural" face creams. Nothing was helping it. I have tried Aveda, Origins, Philosophy, Dermalogicia, Perricone and every other product on the market that touts itself as having "natural" ingredients. I broke out twice as bad. While not usually into writing testimonials, I am writing this because my face has looked so bad for so many years (first trying dermatoligist recommended treatments, then all natural) that people would ask my 10 year old son what was wrong with his mommy. Within 48 hours of using the Infusion Orange morning bottle, everything was gone. I mean everything. I had rashes and cycts and places where I just picked my face, and they were gone. For the first time in 6 years, I didn't wear makeup in public. Not only that, the next time family members saw me they asked how my vacation was. Normally they ask me how my health is, because I look like a sick dalmation. I had glowing, Really, glowing skin. It loooked healthy and clear and beautiful. I also looked younger, which for me was just a bonus. People used to look at my eyes, not the dots on my face and it feels good to have that back. Thank you for caring enough to make something really good. Btw, because I do have a severe allergic condition, other creams would also get absorbed and cause problems. This one didnt. This is a miracle for me." Sincerely, R. Hill




"I can't say enough good things about these products! Luckily, I was chosen to test them for the past six months and the difference in my skin is really dramatic. My friend who hadn't seen me for a year asked me what "procedures" I had done, because I looked 10 years younger. She actually thought I had botox! I had really deep forehead wrinkles that are barely visible now, crows feet that are completely gone, and the overall tone of my skin has improved dramatically. If I have any blemishes on my skin or dry spots, the vitamin C serum heals them almost overnight. This is probably my favorite product because it feels and works so much like a foundation primer. I can skip that step of my make-up. After using it the VERY first time I was amazed to see color in my skin. It's like I spent a day in the sun! I LOVE IT!! One use of the facial scrub and I could feel the difference. My skin is so smooth, like glass and it lasts for days! Make-up goes on so easily and evenly, it's is by far the best facial scrub I have ever used. The body lotion is amazing too. I have scaly skin on my shins, every winter I get it and this lotion gets rid of it in less than a week!! I have never seen a body lotion ANYWHERE that has a retinol product in it! But the very best thing about these products is that there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives in them. I am really picky about what I put on my skin and try to use organic, chem free products whenever I can find them, but they are so hard to find. And then if you can find them, they don't work. These actually work!! I am so happy that this is available for me!" M. Powell




"BlackBoxCosmetics: WHERE WERE YOU TWENTY YEARS AGO? I appreciate being chosen to test each of the products and I now have used them all for approximately three months. I am 68 years old, so I can say from using many different brands of cosmetics, that I have never felt as if my skin was absorbing nutrients that it CRAVED until I used Infusion AM. It reminded me of how you feel when you are thirsty for a drink of water; I immediately felt my skin absorb it and each time I use it, the sensation is still the same pleasure. If I could recommend just one, I don't know which I would choose. The Six Minute Miracle is probably the one that is absolutely better than any exfoliating product I have used. My face is smooth to the touch for days even after wearing makeup. I found that I like to rinse my face before and leave my skin moist. Then I am careful to rinse thoroughly with a warm wash cloth, as directions recommended, to remove. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin feels. My friends are impressed with the way I displayed the BlackBox on my dressing table. I place the cosmetics in their box at an angle so all of the pretty bottles are catching the light and they almost sparkle. Thank you again for allowing me the pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend all of the products to any of my loved ones and friends." Sincerely, F. Lloyd



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